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Hygiene of Sweden effective against the Coronavirus

We are receiving continuous requests due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We can at this time confirm that the use of Hygiene of Sweden is a formidable defense towards preventing the spread of viruses.  Independent laboratory tests have determined that our non-alcoholic hand hygiene solution shows efficacy towards the Coronavirus.

In fact, our solution has shown efficacy to both enveloped and the more challenging non-enveloped viruses, like Norovirus. 

We are confident that our anti-bacterial, being waterbased, with its bio-polymers and positively charged solution, that it will stick to surfaces and offer protection for longer than 60 seconds. Our own lab tests show efficacy several hours* after application, meaning that Hygiene of Sweden is a phenomenal option to cleaning, protecting and creating inhospitable surfaces for viruses and bacteria in general. First line of defense is to always protect your own hands. *Exact time dependant on amount of physical contact with the specific area

To further prevent the spread of Coronavirus, follow the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO).

Contact us for further information.

Spray your mask

Spray your mask with our sanitizer for added protection

We are currently seeing people wearing masks to protect themselves from the virus. Studies show that masks offer limited protections since the virus is small enough to pass through the filters. For added protection we recommend that you spray your mask the in- and outside of your mask with Hygiene of Sweden Sanitizer.

We have three reasons why

  1. A water based anti bacterial does not evaporate. They will stay on the filter from a prolonged time.
  2. Large biopolymers make sure the active ingredient does not pass through the filter.
  3. A charged particle makes sure the active ingredient adheres to the sprayed surface

Since the filter should not be touched or wiped, we are confident that our sanitizer will create an inhospitable surface for the virus to pass through – all while staying safe for the person using it. Spraying the mask will have no negative side effects.

Important: Spraying your mask with alcohol based sanitizers will have no prolonged effect.

Superbugs will cause more deaths than cancer by 2050 – according to study

British study shows that drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050.  That is more than all forms of cancer combined (8,200,000 annual deaths).

Today the approximate annual deaths related to antimicrobial resistance – AMR is 700,000. The 2050 prediction is an alarming 14 times higher, and the medical community has no direct answer on how to combat this threat. If we had a way to combat resistance, we would.

Not only are the death rate very unsettling, the total cost of AMR would spiral to $100 trillion dollars, according to the analysis, presented by the economist Jim O’Neill, who was appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron in July to head a review of antimicrobial resistance.

We in Hygiene of Sweden take this threat very seriously and that is why our formula has been designed with multiple active ingredients in a way that takes AMR into consideration.

Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission by Ethanol Production

A study from Linköping University, Sweden – 2011 – evaluated the environmental impact of ethanol production in regards to greenhouse gas emissions.

The main ingredient in ethanol production comes from sugarcane crops. The study was done during a three year period 2008-2010 in the State of Minas Gerais; Brazil. The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions could be estimated at 1540 kg/ha.year.

“The key sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the bioethanol production are sugarcane burning and use of fuels; which account for more than 50 % of total emissions. This shows a clear environmental limitation in the process of sugarcane utilization.”

You can find the full study from Linköping University here. 

Our latest pressrelease -100.000 units delivered

In short: The spread of Covid-19 is increasing demand for Swedish innovation within hand hygiene.

“We have delivered over 100,000 units to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.”
“Our waterbased solution is safe for screens. Alcohol should not be used to clean your phone screens, according to manufacturers. However healthcare professionals are recommending so in the media since the virus could live up to 7 days on surfaces.”

For more details – please click the link and use Google Translate. Thank you.

For any inquiries, please direct your questions to us. 

sweden top innovation

Sweden ranked as EU’s most innovative nation

A recently published ranking show that Europe’s innovation, for the first time ever, outperforms that of the United States. EU’s innovation performance has been improving for four years in a row. The scoreboard places EU countries into four innovation categories – innovation leaders, strong innovators, moderate innovators and modest innovators.

With a score of 147.74, Sweden is the EU’s most innovation nation, followed by Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

We are happy to be able to be a part of statistic doing our part spearheaded our biochemist, founder and inventor Philip Wilhelmsson.

Today our focus is to support stopping the global crisis of Corona Virus and with our innovate technology for hand hygien. We give people the option to clean their hands without subjecting them to the damaging effects of alcohol and allowing them to keep their natural subdermal protection intact.

For more details about the ranking visit Statistas website

current status corona virus

Current status Corona virus

We, as the world are keeping a close eye on what is currently happening with the Corona virus.

Worldometers website presents the current status for Coronavirus or COVID-19.

At the time of publishing the virus is affecting 33 countries in the world, but to get the latest statistics please visit the Worldometer site.



Product Catalog Chinese

Product catalog in Chinese

We are very happy to announce that our entire product catalog has been made available in Chinese.

You can find detailed information of all of our product lines.

We have also made recent changes to accomodate faster shipping by warehousing our antibacterial products in Hong Kong.

For larger orders, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Find the catalogue here





Hong Kong

Antibacterial now stocked in Hong Kong

We get daily requests from Hong Kong about our antibacterial products, so we are happy to announce we now have a stock locally in Hong Kong.

Contact for more info.




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Latest status of the Coronavirus outbreak

We have since January been closely monitoring the progress of the Corona virus outbreak originating in Wuhan, China.

As most of us know the virus has broken through national borders and confirmed cases are being reported from around the world.

You can follow the progress at WHO page.