Protect Your Customers Using Your Own Brand

As you probably seen in media today, there is a lot of talk about bacteria, germs and viruses. Cleanliness is top of mind. How about if you became part of that conversation. Now you can.

Private labeling options gives you the benefit of becoming the brandname that cares about your customer base, simply by giving them the self evident option they always should have, which is to have a safe way to remain clean while doing business with you.

Here’s how it works:
1. Contact us  using the form or call +46(0)704 25 98 25‬
2. Let’s speak about the dispenser, pocket spray and other options, to decide which fits you best.
3. You decide and provide us with your logo and information.
4. We deliver.
5. You distribute and everyone stays clean and safe. With your brand in their hand.

Download a template
Download a template (with measurements)

  • Your brand in their pocket

    As a promotional material is not only kept in the pocket, it is shown to friends.

  • Show you care

    Associate your brand with cleanliness and safety.

  • Be a part of the conversation

    All of the major outbreaks are top news. Having an hand sanitizer that is safe and healthy to use makes sure you and your brand always are top of mind.

Product Samples