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No Alcohol Formula

Clinically Studied

Removes more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Dermatologically Tested

Non-solvent, mild ingredients with moisturizing effect.

Made in Sweden

Manufactured and filled in Scandinavia. High quality production.

Bad Bacteria

Targeting bad bacteria leaving our own immune system intact.


Swine flu, E.coli and MRSA, etc.


Designed for surfaces of our daily touched devices. Long lasting effect.


Non sticky, easy to apply fast drying formula.

Official Partner

Proud sponsor of the Swedish athletic team. Suitable for sports men and women.

World Wide

Global sales and export into several continents.


Lead by Swedish biochemist, Philip Wilhelmsson, Hygiene of Sweden is developing high quality, healthy hygiene products for everyday use. With an increasing demand for products that are biological, bio-degradable and contains a low amount of active chemical substances, the goal is to provide highly effective products still with the users and nature in mind.

Spread By hands
Health Care Cost
Spray per day


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Sweden is our home market and where we test new products during the development of new formulas. We are a proud supplier of hygiene products to the Swedish national team of athletes.

North America

With a close co-operation with business developers and investors from North America, we are in the process of registrering products and conducting a research about which of our products would be the best to start selling. With a market of nearly 300M people we see big chances to be a player in the field of hand and personal hygiene.


With a very high consciousness about the risk of diseases because of poor hygiene, a lot of people in Asia choose to use sanitizing products on a regular basis. That’s why you find Hygiene of Swedens products in Malaysia and Thailand and the idea of effective, but still user friendly products have been a good match for the customers.

Middle East

Invited to lecture about bio-science and his innovative products at different forums, Philip is travelling around the world to share his knowledge. Relations with Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran have been developed over the years.