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Green bioscience for a more sustainable solution

A new Swedish innovation in disinfection for hands and surfaces

We are setting a new standard in hygiene by providing effective products that are adapted to skin and surfaces to be used daily without causing dry skin or damaged materials and instruments.

Clinical tests showing antibacterial and virucidal effecacy with a long lasting effect.

Keep your hands or surface in good condition and get rid of unwanted germs with our dermatologically tested formula!

  • MORE EFFECTIVE Less sick leave due to effect also against ie. Norovirus (Winterflu).
  • NON OXIDATING / SOLVENT Non corrosive or solvent leaves materials intact
  • NON VOC A better work environment with non evaporating chemicals (cf. Ethanol)
  • LONG LASTING EFFECT Biopolymer™plus has proven effect over time and wear.
  • SUSTAINABLE No more dangerous goods transportations or special handling or storage needed.
  • NON FLAMMABLE Safe to store and use in any space where fire could be a severe threat.
  • NO ABUSESafe in schools, psychological clinics and other areas where alcohol-based products could be used for drinking.
  • GREENER OPTION Makes a smaller impact and aligns with several of the UNs environmental goals.
  • RECYCLABLE No need for sorting in dangerous waste (cf. Ethanol).
  • SUPPLY Continuous delivery during peaks like pandemics.
  • STABLE PRICING Low impact from energy and raw material markets.
  • CUSTOM BRANDING Make hygiene a part of your brand and give your customers a positive experience of hygiene.

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Quick list of products we supply

  • Foam and spray dispensers, manual and automatic
  • 20 ml pocket spray
  • Classic sprays in different sizes
  • Foam solutions
  • Wipes
  • Custom solutions

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Hygiene of Sweden has research, production and sales representatives around the world. We are continuously adding countries and regions to our reach with ongoing registrations to comply with local regulations. Get in touch with us if you any questions or want a current update regarding your particular area.

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