Most Asked Question - Coronavirus Outbreak 2020



We are receiving continuous requests due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We can at this time confirm that the use of Hygiene of Sweden is a formidable defense towards preventing the spread of viruses.  Independent laboratory tests have determined that the active ingredient shows efficacy towards both enveloped and the more challenging non-enveloped viruses, like Norovirus. Corona is an enveloped virus.

Our official statement is that Hygiene of Swedens anti-bacterial solution contains a higher dose of the active ingredient that is effective against the same virustype as Corona under lab conditions in 60 second tests.

We are confident that our anti-bacterial, being waterbased, with its bio-polymers and positively charged solution, that it will stick to surfaces and offer protection for longer than 60 seconds. Our own lab tests show efficacy several hours* after application, meaning that Hygiene of Sweden is a phenomenal option to cleaning, protecting and creating inhospitable surfaces for viruses and bacteria in general. First line of defense is to always protect your own hands. *Exact time dependant on amount of physical contact with the specific area

To further prevent the spread of Coronavirus, follow the guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO).

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