Non-Alcoholic Antibacterial Dispenser For Customers And Staff

YES! We offer Private Label

Floor dispenserOffering access to an antibacterial dispenser for customers is essential if you are in retail. Having antibacterial solutions available to staff and employees is equally important for a safe and healthy working environment.

We can supply you with a unique non-alcoholic solution with clinically proven efficacy towards bacteria and select viruses.

Automatic Floor Dispenser

  • Non-sticky foam without alcohol gives optimum feeling of cleanliness
  • Make the dispenser you own with private label
  • Automatic sensor
  • Battery powered with up to 30000 doses
  • Easy to install, maintain and clean
  • Choose between foam or spray. Both options included
  • We offer unique print or stickers
  • 1 liter refill bags, up to 2000 doses
  • Battery powered, easy to install.
  • Compartment for refill

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Hygiene of Sweden, authorized reseller of Inolife’s products

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Automatic Wall Dispenser

  • Automatic sensor
  • Choose between foam or spray. Both options included
  • We offer unique print or stickers
  • Capacity 1 liter for up to 2000 doses.
  • Easy install. Place on table or attach to wall
  • Battery powered for up to 30000 doses

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Automatic Table Dispenser 280ml

  • Ultra Fast Touch Free Infrared 0.2500s 
  • Perfect Dosing (0.7ml or 1.4ml) 
  • Small and portable, 24cm 
  • Approximately 200 doses (280 ml) 
  • 3 AA Batteries 
  • Easy to refill 

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Manual Cylinder Dispenser

  • Touch free application with manual foot pump
  • Minimal space required
  • Made with public transport in mind
  • Attaches to rod or stand-alone on metal base
  • 1,3 liter canister or over 1000 doses
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to refill, by switching the canister

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