We Can Supply Industrial Bulk Orders With Unique Formulas

We can supply bulk orders for select clients that have their own filling solution. Our non-alcoholic liquid will be shipped pre-mixed for highest quality assurance and according to the same specifications as in the clinical studies. All of our liquids are dermatologigally tested so they are safe to use. And since we don’t use solvents as active ingredients it makes transport and storage of the IBC container with sanitizer much easier. 


Five Great Reasons Skip Alcohol

  • Alcohol was never intended to be used as a hand sanitizer.
  • Damages your skin and removes natural protection.
  • Dangerous fire hazard, with heavy regulation for safe handling.
  • Evaporates in seconds.
  • Alcohol becomes “food” to bacteria if the concentration is not high enough. 

We can supply you with IBC container with non-alcoholic hand sanitizer. Contact us for pricing.

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