Net Zero – Energy conservation and reduced CO2 emissions by green bioscience

In Hygiene of Swedens Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of Biopolymer+ you can read all the details of the environmental advantages of green bioscience or the disinfectant that are based on water, instead of ethanol.

The effectiveness of Biopolymer+ is outlined in the Clinical Study Summary.

Below are listed the 8 most important environmental advantages of Biopolymer+

1) Less infections – Savings in CO2 emissions

Less hospitalization (Over 10% of the CO2 emissions in US comes from the hospitals, no dangerous medical waste).

BioPolymer+ prevents infections better and more effective with a long lasting effect

2) No need for large scale agriculture – Savings in CO2 emissions

To start the production of ethanol it takes approximately 3 kg of corn or some other crop. To produce 3kg of a crop it takes water, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery for culturing and harvesting.

BioPolymer+ is a water-based solution with minimal impact on the ecosystem. 

3) Transports to the distillery – Savings in CO2 emissions

At no stage in the process can ethanol based products offer any advantages by being able to act as a concentrate. The entire crop and the upcoming waste has to be transported to and from the distillery.

BioPolymer+ is based on sustainable ingredients which demands a fraction of the logistics compared to ethanol. 

4) Simplified production without distillation – Savings in CO2 emissions

The most energy intensive part during the production of ethanol is the distillation process.

BioPolymer+ needs no destillation which equals very low energy consumption for production. 

5) Transportations to distributors, re-sellers and customers

Transporting ethanol based products is a complex process. As a flammable liquid it is classified as dangerous goods and requires special ADR transport vehicles. This means extra heavy and more CO2 intensive transports.

BioPolymer+ is an unclassified (non flammable, non explosive) liquid and therefore no special ADR transportation. 

6) Storage, safety & regulations

To store flammable liquids there is a need for approved storage solutions with locks. Regulations differ based on quantities and the type of liquid, and in some cases it even demand that they be stored in separate cells not to exceed thresholds.

BioPolymer+ can be stored on any shelf. 

7) Use

After the increased use of alcogel during the pandemic the sales of hand creams and moisturisers have  peaked. Drying out our skin means new unsustainable consumption. Damaged materials need to be replaced and this creates both increased emissions by excess production and unnecessary waste.

BioPolymer+ is adapted to skin and surfaces and does not contain any solvent that dries out skin or damage material. 

8) Waste

Alcogel that have expired or not completely empty are sorted as dangerous waste and need special handling. In quantities this means new dangerous transports and a destruction process by an accredited waste handling company.

BioPolymer+ can be poured out in the sink and the packaging is recyclable. 



Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Biocider ska användas på ett säkert sätt. Läs alltid igenom etiketten och produktinformationen före användningen.

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