Installations in Swedish courts

Inolife delivers the alcohol-free solution BioPolymer+ for hand disinfection to Swedish courts.

“Alcohol-free products is a better option for all customers but its especially good in certain environments. As we know a lot of crimes are alcohol-related it feels extra satisfying to remove the alcohol at the entrance from the buildings who matters most in our rule of law.” – Leif Johansson, CEO Inolife

Hygiene of Sweden continue its mission to offer more sustainable solutions for hand hygiene and is pioneering the market by its alcohol free, made in Sweden, long lasting effect formula – BioPolymer+.

Find out more about the advantages and what customers that chose to make the move to alcohol free products in their work place at .

Read more (Swedish) about the co-relation between crime and alcohol at:–och-drogpaverkan-vid-misshandel-hot-personran-och-sexualbrott.html


* Use biocidal products in a safe manner. Always read the label and product information before application.

** Använd biocider på ett säkert sätt. Läs alltid etiketten och produktinformationen före användning.

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