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Five great reasons why brands are switching to our safe sanitising formula

We are setting a new standard in hand hygiene, by providing highly effective products that are safe for you and the environment. That is why we keep our products as natural as possible by including a minimal amount of active chemical substances, without compromising on effectiveness.

  • SAFE Biopolymer™plus is non-alcoholic and will not cause dry hands.
  • PROTECTS Our formula is more effective than alcohol and will not evaporate.
  • NO WARNING LABELS It is non-classified and requires no special handling.
  • GREENER OPTION Makes a smaller impact and aligns with UNs environmental goals.
  • CUSTOM BRANDING You can put your brand on the packaging and make it your product.

Get in touch with us when you want a safer, greener option for hand sanitising, with or without, your own private label. We are here to help.


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Private label products makes you the brand that is in and on your customers hands to protect them. Explore our private label antibacterial products and see which option fits you.

Quick list of products we can supply...

  • Foam and spray dispensers, manual and automatic
  • 20 ml pocket spray
  • Classic sprays in different sizes
  • Foam solutions
  • Wipes
  • Custom solutions

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Hygiene of Sweden this year’s winner of the IFMA Innovation Award 2023

IFMA awards an annual innovation prize to encourage and disseminate innovations that can change the FM industry. Hygiene of Sweden participated with the grant BioPolymer+, alcohol-free hand hygiene for safer and more sustainable workplaces. The rationale behind the winning entry for this year’s IFMA Innovation…
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Sustainability reporting for 2024 increases the demand for real change

With the new EU Sustainability Directive (2022/2464), over 4000 Swedish companies will have to report on their sustainability performance under the new rules to “protect the health and well-being of the public from environment-related risks and impacts.” The Directive is designed to increase transparency for…
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Swedish Esrange Space Center Chooses Alcohol-Free Disinfection for a Cleaner, Safer Future

In an era where cleanliness and hygiene have taken on unprecedented importance, even the most advanced and cutting-edge facilities must adapt to new standards. The Swedish Esrange Space Center, known for its contributions to space exploration and research, has made a significant step in ensuring…
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ISO 14001 Certification and Minimizing Climate Footprint

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of reducing their climate footprint. One powerful tool that organizations employ to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility is ISO 14001 certification. This globally recognized standard for environmental management…
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Hygiene of Sweden has research, production and sales representatives around the world. We are continuously adding countries and regions to our reach with ongoing registrations to comply with local regulations. Get in touch with us if you any questions or want a current update regarding your particular area.

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