Hygiene of Sweden this year’s winner of the IFMA Innovation Award 2023

IFMA awards an annual innovation prize to encourage and disseminate innovations that can change the FM industry.

Hygiene of Sweden participated with the grant BioPolymer+, alcohol-free hand hygiene for safer and more sustainable workplaces.

The rationale behind the winning entry for this year’s IFMA Innovation Award:

“Clean hands are a prerequisite for a healthy workplace. 8 out of 10 infections are spread by our own hands.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for and focus on hand hygiene became enormous, and since then, all workplaces are generally equipped with large quantities of readily available hand and surface disinfectants. Traditionally, these have all been alcohol-based (ethanol), which presents a whole range of challenges in production, handling and use.

This year’s winner of the IFMA Innovation Award goes to Hygiene of Sweden, a green biotech company that developed the alcohol-free and antibacterial hand and surface disinfection solution BioPolymer+ that does not dry the skin and remains active after drying. Replacing alcohol-based hand and surface disinfection with alcohol-free BioPolymer+ has several benefits for the working environment and the environment. Avoiding alcohol as a solvent keeps the skin intact and no hand cream is needed to reduce dryness.

The product has very low levels of chemicals so no hazardous ADR transport is needed. No need for fire-rated cabinets for storage either. The product has 100% organic and biodegradable ingredients, and the packaging can be recycled without rinsing with water before handling. The liquid can also be handled in more environmentally friendly packaging, as it is not flammable.

The product also does not damage the surface of furniture, instruments or other materials, such as alcohol products which are often dissolving, corrosive and fading. When the product reaches its expiry date, it does not become hazardous waste either.

Hygiene of Sweden has simply developed a more sustainable disinfection for the workplace. For a healthier, better working environment.

And for a more prosperous planet.”

The award was presented at IFMA’s annual Nordic Workplace event at the Sergel Hub on November 7.

The jury consisted of:

Kati Barklund, Tenant & Partner

Magnys Svantegård, Stronghold Invest

Hanna Hagberg, Swedish Transport Administration

Henrik Gustafsson, MovingMind

Malin Dandenell, Microsoft


The prize is €10,000 to be donated to charity.

Read more about the grant in the brochure “Alcohol-free workplace”.

IFMA, the International Facility Management Association, is the largest international network in facility management, supporting 24,000 members in 135 countries worldwide.

IFMA is a global organization focused on promoting and supporting facility management as a profession. Founded in 1980, IFMA aims to bring together facility management professionals to exchange knowledge, promote best practices and advance the development of the profession. The organization offers members resources, training and networking opportunities to improve their skills in the field. IFMA plays an important role in standardizing and professionally developing facility management at a time when buildings and work environments are becoming increasingly complex and technology-driven.

The event at Sergel Hub was hygienically secured by Hygiene of Sweden’s alcohol-free hand disinfection which was available in dispensers at the entrances, buffets and in pocket format to all participants as a Pocket Spray.



Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Biocider ska användas på ett säkert sätt. Läs alltid igenom etiketten och produktinformationen före användningen.

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