Järvsö Sustainable Tourism Summit 2023 – International Conference

Järvsö is one of Scandinavia’s most prominent destinations in sustainable tourism and development. With its unique nature, cultural heritage, year-round activities, and dedicated community collaboration, Järvsö is a place where sustainability takes center stage. As the first Scandinavian destination with sustainability certification from EarthCheck according to *GSTC criteria, and with two UNESCO-certified areas in the Ljusdal municipality, Järvsö is proud of its role as a pioneer in sustainable tourism. Järvsö has now achieved silver status and continues to actively work towards improvement across all dimensions of sustainability. Visitors can enjoy exceptional nature experiences, cultural attractions, and year-round activities that promote environmental awareness and sustainability.

Hygiene of Sweden provides alcohol free hygiene with private label to all participants in pocket sprays, wipes and dispensers for a safe event.

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