Superbugs will cause more deaths than cancer by 2050 – according to study

British study shows that drug resistant infections will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050.  That is more than all forms of cancer combined (8,200,000 annual deaths).

Today the approximate annual deaths related to antimicrobial resistance – AMR is 700,000. The 2050 prediction is an alarming 14 times higher, and the medical community has no direct answer on how to combat this threat. If we had a way to combat resistance, we would.

Not only are the death rate very unsettling, the total cost of AMR would spiral to $100 trillion dollars, according to the analysis, presented by the economist Jim O’Neill, who was appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron in July to head a review of antimicrobial resistance.

We in Hygiene of Sweden take this threat very seriously and that is why our formula has been designed with multiple active ingredients in a way that takes AMR into consideration.

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