Stockholm Hernia Center disinfects with Hygiene of Sweden

As a medical professional, it is important to work in a sanitized workplace to maintain a safe and healthy environment for both the healthcare workers and patients. A sanitized workplace helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases, which is especially critical in healthcare settings where patients may have weakened immune systems and are vulnerable to infections.

A sanitized workplace also reduces the risk of hpostoperative wound infections, which can be serious and potentially life-threatening. infections can result in prolonged hospital stays, increased healthcare costs, and even death in severe cases.

Maintaining a sanitized workplace is essential not only for complying with health and safety regulations and standards, but for promoting a positive image of the clinic.

“Patients and their families expect a clean and safe environment when seeking medical care, and a clean, sanitized clinic helps to ensure their confidence and trust in us as the healthcare provider.

At Stockholm Hernia Center we’ve selected Hygiene of Sweden as our preferred provider of disinfection for both hands and surfaces. We believe a non-alcoholic solution with long term protection is a more modern and effective way to protect our patients, staff and equipment, which are sensitive to solvents.”
– Anders Olsson, Surgeon / CEO, Stockholm Hernia Center



Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Biocider ska användas på ett säkert sätt. Läs alltid igenom etiketten och produktinformationen före användningen.

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