Spray your mask with our sanitizer for added protection

Spray your mask

We are currently seeing people wearing masks to protect themselves from the virus. Studies show that masks offer limited protections since the virus is small enough to pass through the filters. For added protection we recommend that you spray your mask the in- and outside of your mask with Hygiene of Sweden Sanitizer.

We have three reasons why

  1. A water based anti bacterial does not evaporate. They will stay on the filter from a prolonged time.
  2. Large biopolymers make sure the active ingredient does not pass through the filter.
  3. A charged particle makes sure the active ingredient adheres to the sprayed surface

Since the filter should not be touched or wiped, we are confident that our sanitizer will create an inhospitable surface for the virus to pass through – all while staying safe for the person using it. Spraying the mask will have no negative side effects.

Important: Spraying your mask with alcohol based sanitizers will have no prolonged effect.

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