Four Critical Features In Hand Sanitizers

Hand hygiene is essential as hands are the primary source of germs transition. One way to keep your hands clean is to wash them with soap and water, but soap and water are not accessible all the time. So the second option for keeping your hands clean is using a hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers are the new normal. You need to have hand sanitizer just like you keep your mobile and wallet with you wherever you go. Below are some tips on choosing the best and effective hand sanitizers,

Before buying, always think about the following four critical features of hand sanitizers.

  1. Is it alcohol-free?
  2. Is it flammable?
  3. Is it long-lasting?
  4. Is it sustainable?

alcohol free hand sanitizers

Hygiene of Sweden has developed a hand sanitizer that contains all these four features. Our alcohol-free hand sanitizers provide 99.999% protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. Our hand sanitizers have the following features.

Our sanitizers are water-based and contain 0% alcohol. Alcohol-based sanitizers can have serious effects on the skin and environment.

Our alcohol-free hand sanitizers are nonflammable due to the absence of alcohol, making them a more effective & safer hand sanitizer for the whole family.

Our hand sanitizers are formulated in a way that creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and viruses. Long-term tests in clinical lab conditions have shown that our ingredients remain 99,999% effective even after a prolonged period of time. Even when subjected to mechanical abrasion.

Our sanitizers are sustainable and make no harm to humans or the environment.

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